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Raspbian Buster & Raspberry Pi 4
Jul 3, 2019 | Hardware, Raspberry Pi

With the release of the Raspberry Pi 4 comes a new release of Raspbian, "Buster". We have successfully updated our code to run on Buster and can now support the Raspberry Pi 4.

PTT Circuit Working
Feb 12, 2019 | Hardware, Raspberry Pi

I have successfully tested the PTT from Direwolf using the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi. This removes the need for a VOX circuit and the associated problems.

Banana Pi
Feb 2, 2019 | Hardware, Raspberry Pi

In our search for alternatives to the Raspberry Pi we tested the Banana Pi M2 Berry

Command Line APRS Message
Jan 26, 2019 | APRS, Raspberry Pi

We have successfully sent a APRS message packet over RF and was received and decoded by Gqrx.