Field Day 2022
Jun 25, 2022 | Updates

Good luck to everybody participating in Field Day 2022, we hope to hear you on the air.

Field Day 2021
Jun 13, 2021 | New Features

Field Day is fast approaching this year and we have added two new features for you.

Winter Field Day Logger
Jan 10, 2021 | New Features

Winter Field Day logger is now ready.

Publish Field Day Contacts on Your QRUQSP Website
Jun 26, 2020 | New Features

You can now publish your field day contacts, sections worked and section map on your QRUQSP website.

Field Day Logger - Excel Export
Jun 25, 2020 | New Features

You can now export your contacts to excel for further analysis and reporting.

Field Day Logger - GOTA Stats
Jun 24, 2020 | New Features

For those who will be setting up a GOTA station, we've done a quick code update. All contacts made at the GOTA station can be tracked and separate statistics are available for this station.

Field Day Logger - Allow Duplicates Setting
Jun 23, 2020 | New Features

The Field Day Logger module now has the ability to allow or block duplicate contacts.

Field Day Logger
May 29, 2020 | New Features

The 2020 Field Day Logger module will make it simple for you to track your Field Day contacts. For full details and screenshots of the logger, please check out

Testing Digoo Weather Sensors
Aug 29, 2019 | Weather Sensors

We ordered some weather sensors made by Digoo out of China to see if they would be compatible with the QRUQSP system.

New Faster Graphs
Jul 18, 2019 | New Features

The weather graphs when running on a iPad 1 are really slow to render, so we decided to look for another solution.