News - Testing Digoo Weather Sensors

We ordered some weather sensors made by Digoo out of China to see if they would be compatible with the QRUQSP system.

There are 3 sensors we tested:
Digoo DG-R8S 433MHz Wireless Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
Digoo DG-R8H Smart Home Wireless Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
DIGOO DG-R8X 433MHz Wireless Outdoor Sensor

The software we use in QRUQSP is rtl_433 and it recognised and decoded the signals from the DG-R8S and DG-R8H but could not understand the signals from the DG-R8X.

However the sensors only beacon every 80 seconds, so you are unable to get a sample every minute. All the Acurite and La Crosse sensors tested so far beacon roughly every 20 seconds, so you have 2-3 chances to get a decoded reading each minute.

Since the weather graphing in QRUQSP is based on samples every minute, the graph lines can become dotted instead of solid when viewing short time spans. For longer time spans the data gets rolled up into 5 minute or greater increments, so it's not as much of an issue.

These sensors could be useful for monitoring general trends, for example in a freezer or refrigerator. They would not be good when needing more granular samples.

Note: All sensors have small randomness built into the beacon timer so they do not beacon at exactly 20 seconds. This helps prevent collisions as they rarely beacon at exactly the same time.