Field Day

Introducing our free Field Day Logger and Winter Field Day Logger.

Our Field Day Logger is an online logging system designed for Field Day and Winter Field Day. You'll need a Wi-Fi or internet connection and any device with a web browser.

Section Map
A map is provided showing all the sections in North America and colors them in as you've made contacts.

Live duplicate checking
As you enter call signs the system will search to see if they already exist. It will show you what contacts you've made on what modes with that call sign.

We have lots of statistics so you can see where your contacts have been made.

Cabrillo Export
You can easily export a Cabrillo file to use with your submission to ARRL after Field Day. You will be required to fill in the web app form at ARRL and upload the Cabrillo.

Get started today
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Multi Operator
We support multiple operators sharing a common log without the need for VPN or common network.

Contact Us if you have any questions, or check out our Forum for more answers.