Weather Station - Overview

The QRUQSP Weather Station is a web application that provides easy access to the data that is collected from many devices. The Manager provides several functions which help support your Amateur Radio Service:

  • A Terminal Node Controller (TNC) interface and APRS decoder/encoder based upon Dire Wolf
  • RTL_433 support for many Weather Stations and temperature sensors that beacon on 433.92 MHz
  • I2C serial protocol support for two-wire interface to peripherals such as the BME280 weather sensor
  • Weather data logging, graphing, beacon via APRS and submission to the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network
  • A Dashboard that allows you to display many sets of data arranged in a grid layout of your choosing and access from almost any device with a web browser
  • Raspberry Pi administration tasks including reboot, power off, date and time, localization and ssh password management

The QRUQSP platform is built on top of Ciniki, a Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform. The Ciniki platform is a set of modules written in PHP, using MySQL/MariaDB for storage and providing a JavaScript/HTML5 User Interface. The system can be installed on any system that supports PHP and MySQL/MariaDB and accessed from any web browser that supports HTML5 and JavaScript, including iOS and Android.

The software makes efficient use of the limited resources on a Raspberry Pi, even when supporting multiple users and running other applications. We test the QRUQSP software with the latest releases of Raspbian Buster OS running on Raspberry Pi hardware versions 2, 3, 4 and Zero W.

Most of the software is open source, available at GitHub so anybody can contribute by fixing bugs or writing their own modules to send and/or receive other information. We hope to receive support from the Amateur Radio community to develop modules for satellite weather images, weather alerts, or other digital modes.