Hardware - Supported

Raspberry Pi's
We support and test on Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4, Zero W.

We currently support and test the RTL-SDR.com USB Dongles, and some of the NooElec models.

433.92 Mhz Weather Sensors
The following sensors have been enabled in the RTL_433 decoder:

  • Rubicson Temperature Sensor
  • Prologue Temperature Sensor
  • LaCrosse TX Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • Acurite 609TXC Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Oregon Scientific Weather Sensor
  • AlectoV1 Weather Sensor (Alecto WS3500 WS4500 Ventus W155/W044 Oregon)
  • Fine Offset Electronics, WH2, WH5, Telldus Temperature/Humidity/Rain Sensor
  • Nexus Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Ambient Weather Temperature Sensor
  • GT-WT-02 Sensor
  • Danfoss CFR Thermostat
  • TFA-Twin-Plus-30.3049, Conrad KW9010, Ea2 BL999
  • Fine Offset Electronics WH1080/WH3080 Weather Station
  • LaCrosse WS-2310 / WS-3600 Weather Station
  • Esperanza EWS
  • Efergy e2 classic
  • Generic temperature sensor 1
  • WG-PB12V1 Temperature Sensor
  • Acurite 592TXR Temp/Humidity, 5n1 Weather Station, 6045 Lightning
  • Acurite 986 Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer
  • HIDEKI TS04 Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Rain Sensor
  • Conrad S3318P Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • OSv1 Temperature Sensor
  • Bresser Thermo-/Hygro-Sensor 3CH
  • Springfield Temperature and Soil Moisture
  • Oregon Scientific SL109H Remote Thermal Hygro Sensor
  • Acurite 606TX Temperature Sensor
  • TFA pool temperature sensor
  • Kedsum Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Pearl NC-7415
  • Fine Offset WH1050 Weather Station
  • Maverick ET-732/733 BBQ Sensor
  • LaCrosse TX141-Bv2/TX141TH-Bv2 sensor
  • Acurite 00275rm,00276rm Temp/Humidity with optional probe
  • LaCrosse TX35DTH-IT, TFA Dostmann 30.3155 Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • LaCrosse TX29IT Temperature sensor
  • Vaillant calorMatic VRT340f Central Heating Control
  • Fine Offset Electronics, WH25, WH32B, WH24, WH65B, HP1000 Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensor
  • Fine Offset Electronics, WH0530 Temperature/Rain Sensor
  • Thermopro TP11 Thermometer
  • FT-004-B Temperature Sensor
  • Philips outdoor temperature sensor
  • Thermopro TP08/TP12/TP20 thermometer
  • Sensible Living Mini-Plant Moisture Sensor
  • WT0124 Pool Thermometer
  • Emos TTX201 Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Weather TX-8300 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Ambient Weather WH31E Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor
  • Bresser Weather Center 5-in-1
  • LaCrosse/ELV/Conrad WS7000/WS2500 weather sensors
  • TS-FT002 Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Liquid Level Meter With Temperature Sensor
  • Companion WTR001 Temperature Sensor

For more information on sensors, refer to github.com/merbanan/rtl_433#running