Hardware - Roadmap

Please help us prioritize the features on our roadmap by reviewing the following and discussing in groups.io the importance of each feature for use in your Amateur Radio Service. Below are some of the hardware ideas we have for the future that we think might be of most interest to the Amateur Radio community.

SSD Kit - Coming Soon
The circuit board has mounting holes for an SSD drive and a future kit will provide the standoffs and SATA cable to add a SSD drive to your system.

Serial Port
A future kit will be a serial port connection to the Raspberry Pi. This will allow for Hamlib rig control via serial port radio interfaces.

Display Panel
We are testing both OLED I2C displays and E-Ink SPI displays to provide some diagnostic and other information on a front case panel.

A future kit will include a battery that can keep the system powered for several minutes while you swap power supplies. The Raspberry Pi will be notified of power loss so it can gracefully shutdown to avoid corruption of the SD card.

Surface Mount
We are looking into developing a surface mount pre-assembled board to reduce size and provide more features. For now we utitlize through-hole components to make an easy to solder kit.

Pi 3 Compute Module
To reduce the size of the kit the Raspberry Pi Computer module could be used along with a surface mount PCB.

Other SDR's
We are testing both receive only and transceiver SDR's, such as Lime SDR. Please let us know if you have other SDR's that you would like to test.