The QRUQSP Communications System hardware provides an interface between a Raspberry Pi and an amateur radio. It has been tested with several different 2 meter radios for receive and transmit of APRS beacons.

The hardware provides a PTT circuit and audio isolation between the Raspberry Pi and an amateur radio. Using a series of terminal screw blocks makes the system reconfigurable for virtually any radio.

The hardware also provides a 13.8v to 5v DC-DC Step Down so a standard 13.8 volt power supply can be used to power the hardware and Raspberry Pi. This eliminates the need for the Raspberry Pi power adaptor.

Other features:

  • Real Time Clock
  • Power switch for Raspberry Pi
  • Shutdown switch
  • Volume adjustment

We are offering this as a through-hole component kit designed for easy soldering. There are a limited number of pre-soldered kits as we are doing the soldering ourselves and it takes time. If you unable to solder we recommend working with a friend who can to complete your kit.

Please be patient, we are putting the finishing touches on the software and getting the online store running. We expect to have the following kits available for purchase very soon. Watch this website for more information or signup to our mailing list to be notified.


QRUQSP Basic Kit - Coming Soon

Comes with circuit board and all components, you provide your own Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR, cables and case.

QRUQSP Tinker Kit - Coming Soon

Everything in the Basic Kit along with all the cables you require to set it up in a case. You provide Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR and case.

QRUQSP Builders Kit - Coming Soon

Everthing in the Tinker kit and a custom case. You only need to provide the Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR.

QRUQSP Complete Kit - Coming Soon

Everything in the Builders Kit and a Raspberry Pi 4 - 1GB, and RTL-SDR.