Blog - Weather Dashboard

We've been busy building a new dashboard system for QRUQSP. The dashboard will provide near real time weather data from your sensors.

The dashboard has been designed to run on first generation iPads and old android tablets so we can all get some use out of our old devices. The iPad 1 can't be updated to the latest OS and it's not very fast or useful for much anymore. This dashboard requires minimal processing power and works great on an iPad 1.

The dials have been made to be really large so they can be easy to read from across a room. For the temperature and humidity dials, the temperature is placed in the center with a large font. The humidity is in the small circle that will move around the circle based on the current humidity level. 100% humidity is at the top and 50% humidity at the bottom. This makes it easy to estimate the humidity from a distance.

Each dial can be set to display with metric or imperial readings, which allows to have the same sensor displayed in two formats.

We have lots of ideas for other features to add to the dashboard.