Blog - Dashboard Calendar

There is a new feature in the QRUQSP Dashboard that allows you to display any (Internet Calendar Scheduling (ICS) calendar file. Most online calendar applications provide an ICS link to your calendar.

For example, to find your ICS link from Google Calendar, open Google Calendar in a web browser and then click on settings (the gear in the top right) and then click on the calendar on the left side you want the ICS file for. Scroll to the bottom and you should see "Secret address in iCal format.

To add the widget to your dashboard, login to your QRUQSP system, select the dashboard you want to change or create a new one, and then add the ICS Calendar widget. Copy the link from your calendar above and paste the ICS link into the ICS File 1 field.

The QRUQSP system will cache the ICS file so it's not checking the remote server ever 10 seconds when the dashboard refreshes. Most calendars it's recommended to leave the Refresh Time set to 24 hours. For personal calendars that you may be updating more often, you can lower the refresh time.

You can add up to 10 ICS calendars, and they will be merged into 1 listing. For example, you can display the next 7 days of Amateur Radio Contests by using the ICS link provided by

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