About - History

The QRUQSP project started when Andrew VA3NED found there to be a need in the community for an Amateur Radio software development platform that maximizes the utility of software defined radios. Since he had already developed and built a multi-tenant modular cloud platform (Ciniki) it was a natural extension to add support for Amateur Radio.

Thus was born the QRUQSP project, encompassing both hardware to interface Raspberry Pi's to radios and a software platform to control the hardware and process the data.

The Ciniki platform provided a common user interface, storage system and coding framework. This allowed for faster development of QRUQSP and merging of multiple tools into a single user interface.

Most of the software is open source so anybody can contribute by fixing bugs or writing their own modules to send and/or receive other information. We hope to receive support from the Amateur Radio community to develop modules for satellite weather images, weather alerts, or other digital modes.